IOLITE is the moniker of a rising 19-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Denver, Colorado. Influenced by the likes of Lorde/Halsey/Broods, IOLITE claims the darker spectrum of the pop genre, marrying haunting vocals with hooky pop melodies. Amassing more than 500 thousand streams, IOLITE is creating an undeniable buzz and anticipation. The authenticity behind each track has the artist wearing her heart on her sleeve and boldly claiming each song personally lived and experienced. Intentionally addressing heavy topics, such as being a product of divorced parents, or losing relationships with family, it is evident the young artist isn’t after gaining fame, rather providing a soundtrack to the highs and lows of life. IOLITE’s latest offering, Bad Behavior, is a beautiful art-pop piece that hints to contemporary R&B, thanks to a compelling sound-scape built with throbbing 808’s and live, organic instrumentation.